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Please remember that if your student is going to be absent from school for any reason, we MUST receive a phone call from a parent or guardian on the day of the absence, indicating the reason for the absence. Please direct these calls to Ms. Rebecca Plaza in the office at (408) 852-2867.


GECA is a CLOSED campus. Students must remain on campus from drop off to dismissal.


Passports: Occasionally, students have a pre-planned need to leave campus during the school day for an appointment. In order to facilitate the process, students need to bring a note - signed by a parent or guardian - that reflects the nature and time of the appointment. Students should come to the office before beginning of first period class and give the note to Ms. Plaza who will then issue them a GECA passport to leave campus.The student may then show their instructor the Passport and leave directly from the class at the appropriate time. 


IMPORTANT: The passport MUST be handed into Ms. Plaza upon the student's return to campus or the absence will be considered UNEXCUSED.


Emergencies: If there is an emergency and a student needs to leave school unexpectedly, the parent should contact Mrs. DeRosa or Ms. Plaza in the office at (408) 846-4909. Mrs. De Rosa and/or Ms. Plaza will then make arrangements for the student to meet the parent in the office where he/she can be signed out. Please remember that student CANNOT be released from school without parental permission. 


Unscheduled: If a student has "unscheduled" in his/her schedule, this means that the student's school day either begins later or ends earlier than our regular school hours. Unscheduled periods are offered only at the beginning of the day or at the end of the school day. If a student has an unscheduled period, he/she may be on Gavilan's College campus, but not on the designated GECA Campus.Parent permission is required for unscheduled periods to be granted.


The only persons who may check a student out of school during the day are those who are listed on the Emergency Contact Card.